Direct outcomes we seek to achieve:

    · Women and girls against instability and violence: project launching ceremony in Banjul The Gambia


·  Increased access to relevant, quality knowledge on gender and development Networks for change are (further) developed and become more influential Cutting edge agendas are identified and communicated Women are furnished with the evidence and tools they need to advocate and make good decisions on gender leading to knowledge and practice in gender and development is shaped in ways that challenge stereotypes and transform attitudes, inequitable structures, processes and relationships

·      Long term outcomes we seek to contribute to: Increased awareness of the relevance of gender to development Better visibility of unequal gender power relations and of women’s rights Greater challenging of damaging policies and practices, attitudes and assumptions.

·   Changes in behaviour related to damaging beliefs and myths transformed and diversified discourses on gender and women rights. Strengthening evidence informed policies and practices on gender and women’s rights.